At Career-tech consulting, we place top technology professionals with leading companies and innovative start-ups across the US and around the globe.


Career-tech consulting gets you past the bottlenecks by delivering world-class Enterprise, Mobile and QA Solutions that are a perfect fit.

Mobile Labs

Secure Cloud-Based Testing for Mobile Applications via our secure and agile private internal device cloud that lives behind YOUR corporate firewall.

We are Offering the Best Industrial Deals


Many businesses want to consolidate, standardize, automate and virtualize systems utilizing appropriate cloud services and customer-owned IT to create and deliver efficient, low-cost, flexible IT around the world...

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In today's global community, people are always on the move. Career-tech consulting dedicated Hospitality delivery teams understand and help solve the technology challenges you are facing, including...

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From wearable bio-medical devices that assess health in real-time, to the improved ability to analyze clinical data, all of the way to the tools and techniques physicians use to deliver care, technology is driving improvements in healthcare.

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A landscape engineer is a position similar to a landscape architect or designer. A landscape engineer will be able to handle your design coordination, and organize a project budget, regulatory compliances..

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