frequently asked questions

  • What does Career-tech consulting do?

Career-tech Consulting is a technology company that works with large enterprises and fast-growing SMBs to provide IT Staffing and Enterprise Solutions.

  • What are different divisions of the company?

Career-tech Consulting, is comprised of a Staffing and a Solutions division. MobileLabs is our sister company and is focused on mobile application and mobile device testing.

  • What makes Career-tech Staffing model different?

We believe that the only way to find hidden talent in today’s marketplace is to (1) not just be a staffing firm, but have a foundation in technology; (2) focus on emerging technologies to stay ahead of new trends; and (3) have large-company resources, but with local team and an entrepreneurial culture.

  • Where is Career-tech located? Where are Career-tech jobs located?

Career-tech Consulting is headquartered in the LOS Angeles and has office and operations across the US and India.

  • How can I apply for a job with one of Career-tech clients?

Candidates can apply for a job by accessing the Find Jobs feature on this website, searching and identifying jobs that are a good fit for their skills, experience, location and career goals, and then following the online application process.

  • It seems like many people who call me from Career-tech has an accent. Are you a US company?

Yes, Career-tech was founded is headquartered in the LOS Angeles , GA metropolitan area of the United States. As a global business with operations on three continents India, our Colleagues are located in many different places in order to best support our Consultant’s and our Client’s needs.

  • A Recruiter from Career-tech Consulting asked me for the last digits of my social security number. Why do you need this?

Some of our clients in the financial sectors require us to provide the last few digits of a Candidate’s social security number at the time that we submit your resume to them. This information is used by our Clients to check eligibility and / or whether a Candidate is eligible to return to work for that particular Client. Career-tech only used your social security number for this purpose.

Please let your Career-tech Consulting Recruiter or their manager know if you have any concerns about this, and they will be able to provide more details.

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